Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vision Link, We're On Our Way

Vision Link, a product I was initially a part of development for, has finally reached a stage where we can test more vigorously. Vision Link (vznlink) is an API to the industry leading point-of-sale product, Vision, created by Innovative Computer Solutions for retail liquor vendors. The API provides a secure, centralized method for interchange of data between the inventory management and ordering in Vision and a retailer's website/store.

I work for ICS and I work for retail liquor vendors, both, as a consultant. At ICS, I, along with another staff member, came up with and began implementing the idea. I was pushed out of the project, for the most part, in working on a completely new web application (that I won't speak of just yet).

Now that we're ready to test I can take on my role as developer for the vendors in creating the other half of the API, the websites that make use of it. I'm very excited to get back into this work.

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